This blog site came about after I viewed so many blogs, web sites and magazine articles about the hair care and style for natural curly and natural kinky ethnic hair and discovered that rarely did any of the advise advance the use of safe products.  Anyone who views a few video from UTube will affirm that most video bloggers (vlogs) give their pros and cons regarding how the product performed in their hair.  Some will mention the ingredients but how many will explain the background of these ingredients.  So far I’ve seen at least 300 videos and only 1% of the videos graphers are explaining the ingredients.  Now I have not seen every UTube video on hair care, so I maybe understating the percentage of health product advocates on UTube so I am going to give some slack to my comments.  Nevertheless I want us and I am including myself in the US group to begin not only advocating but voting with out pocketbooks, credit cards and social media sites that we refuse to continue to purchase and use just anything on our hair, scalps and skin just because for what is on the product label, or the celebrity or hair professional endorsement, social media site and of coarse UTube video.  It has been said one picture is worth a thousand words, so I watch the following video about Cosmetics and then go read the labels of the personal care products in your home.  Check to see if any of your product are better served in the recycle bins.

The Story of Cosmetics 



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