Knot Nappy Mix 4abc

26 Jan

My hair is wavy, curly and nappy in different places on my scalp.  I have always had an extremely flaky, scaly and dry scalp with loads of dandruff.  In the 1960’s our mother would do as most mother’s did and oil the scalp with some type of petroleum based scalp grease.  Her favorites were Beaumont and Sulfur 8.  My hair just snap off at the ends because the scalp was greasy and the hair was devoid of moisture.  Mother never had too much success with our hair, so she sent us to professional beautician who did wash, press and combs.  My hair looked good, it was curled and greasy but it still snap offed like a dry stick every time someone combed through it.  The dandruff build up increased to the point the scalp bled.  No matter what mother did as a child I never had more than 5 inches of length of hair length.

Moving to the 21st Century, I’ve learned a few lesson about my hair, the knot nappy mix of type 4a, 4b and 4c. Yes, it is possible to have mixed textures on the same head.  In the back my hair is knotty, curly and very dense on my scalp.  In the front, my hair is wavy, near straight and super thick.  In the crown of the scalp it is different again, less thick however more 4b than 4b or 4c.

On this blog, I want to share some lessons along the way with all the ladies who share my hair type and scalp problems.  Hair Care products are expensive and spending $1,000 each year to find the right thing for our hair is crazy.

Each day I will post another lesson on the blog, about the products that worked and the products that I trashed because the did not fit my hair type.  Talk Later

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