A New Resolution

25 Jan

I have never liked my hair, because it requires hours of care to look half way great and I don’t like working with hair. My hair is extremely coarse, meaning I have a lot of strands per inch on my scalp and medium texture which means the strands are fine and easily breaks. The scalp is dry and full of dandruff and the hair is drier than the scalp.


This new year, I decided to get away from the two strand twist extensions. I’ve had extensions in my hair off and on for ten years because they are easy to maintain. However whenever they are removed, my hair sheds and breaks profusely. I discovered that the artificial hair was actually causing my hair to become dryer, even though I oiled the scalp and twists. I also had tremendous dry patches of dandruff that would build up under the extensions that was very difficult to wash out unless I removed the extension.

So this year, although I hated to do it, I removed all the extension very carefully using oil and shea butter. I saturated the hair with shea butter and Burt Bees oil and slowly using my fingers and a wide tooth comb, picked the extension fake hair from my real hair. Time from start to finish 20 hrs. No Joke.
So now I have all my own hair, my very thick c
dry scalp and baking soda does not make sense to me. No Baking Soda again on my scalp.oarse knotty nappy hair with a scalp full of dandruff patches so thick they look like corn flakes when scratched with a fine tooth comb. First thing to do is to scratch up these dandruff patches of dead skin off my scalp, otherwise I will not get a clean scalp when I wash my hair. I use a very fine comb to do this and I was very aggressive because my scalp is like cement is some places. I will wash in a dandruff shampoo. My stylist likes to use Baking Soda, but
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