Why this Blog?

23 Jan

Do we need another Black Hair Blog?

No we don’t and Yes we do.

Black American Women are black hair care and skin care product junkies, more women go to extremes but most of us are on the lookout for something better for our hair, scalps and skin.

I’ve worn braids for the past ten years on my natural knot and Nappy hair because they are easier to maintain than wearing my natural hair.  However, even braids can be very damaging to hair like mine because my hair and scalp is both extremely dry and porous.  The braid extension fake and real over a period of time will thin the hair strands because it is difficult to get protein conditioners into the hair with synthetic hair weave into the real hair.  In addition to wearing braids I also color treated my hair to lighter shade.  My hair color is black and I would bleach and tint my hair to light brown, then have stylist braid a synthetic hair into my real hair giving a two strand twists style.  I did this on and off for ten years until last year I decided no more coloring and no more braid extensions. 

Well, unbeknown to me there are hundreds of products on shelves for Black Hair care and all of them make promises on the labels.  So what happens we read the label and believe it, purchase the bottle or jar, try it and trash it in a few days and then return to the store and start with another product recommendation.

It does not help to read reviews about products because every reviewer will describe their hair differently and what works on wavy hair will not work on nappy hair.  When I write nappy, I mean hair that has length when wet but will lose 75% of the length when dry.

My hair shoulder length when wet but dry it is no more than one inch.  I get a whole lot of shrinkage with my hair which can be very frustrating for getting the style I want to wear.

This blog is about all the stuff I purchased, tried and kept or trashed that I found worked on my knotty and nappy hair texture and dry scalp.

So, if you hair and scalp resemble my hair and scalp and you want to save your time and your money buying to try out hair products, then keep coming back here.  I will try to keep things up to date with what I used that helped my hair in addition to what I stayed away from because it damaged my hair.  

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One response to “Why this Blog?

  1. Sandra

    December 23, 2013 at 11:47 AM

    Thank you for taking the time to create this blog. I really appreciate it! I have learned quite a bit from your posts. My hair is exactly like yours, so I totally relate to you. Please continue to share.


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